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Thoughts From The Saddle Vol. 2



“If you want to know what is true to character of the American cowboy,

you better listen to Kurt McFarland tell you how it is.

Although he is a sage interpreter of life,

you will find yourself somewhere in his dreams or his

literary rhetoric of the life of a true woman and man...

Great over breakfast, lunch or dinner!!!! ”

Jessi Colter



Kurt’s  1st Release:



Food For Thought-Vol.1

An Inspirational Journey of Spoken Word and Music:

Stories of Everyday Life


Kurt McFarland's titles say a lot about his views on life:

There's Nothing As Good As A Prayer...Dreams of Life...Anything Can Happen. With a positive outlook that isn't afraid to look at some of life's most daunting moments square in the eye, Kurt speaks of all the milestones and small moments that make up a lifetime. From first breath to final hours, Kurt covers it all in this moving, poignant and uplifting collection of spoken word pieces with musical accompaniment.

Food For Thought has a bit of cowboy poetry with some inspirational wisdom thrown in.




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