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Singer Songwriters

Full Production for Singer-Songwriters and Vocalists; Flat Rate Packages For Common Project Types, such as Simple Karaoke Vocal Recording, Piano/Vocal, Acoustic Guitar/Vocal,etc.

Vocal Production

Lead Vocal Tracking with Editing/Pitch Correction Backup Vocal Arrangements with Editing, Pitch Correction and Stacking.

Acoustic Piano Tracking

Yamaha C3 Grand available for classical, pop and school audtion/submission recordings.


Private residential studio located in the foothills of the Squaw Peak Mountain Preserve. Comfortable, efficient control room; two isolation rooms. Premium mics, pre-amps, converters and monitors in a relaxed coffee-shop like setting. Wi-Fi, multiple-phone charging station, Skype meetings and global cloud-based collaboration. Minutes from walking trails, hotels, restaurants, Sky Harbor Airport, downtown Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe.

The "DIY Upgrade"

We often work with project studio owners who wish to upgrade their production by taking advantage of our mics, preamps and converters. We accept and deliver all major file types, delivering a professionalism to your production that helps your project stand out. We have access to an extensive list of lead and backup vocalists; we'll assist in casting the perfect voice for your project.


Gibson, Fender, and Gretsch guitars;
Yamaha Acoustic C3 Grand Piano; 
Ernie Ball Bass;
Mandolin, ukelele, banjo;
Cajon and misc hand percussion;
Line 6 Pod, real tube and solid state amps;
Wide variety of VST computer-based instruments for piano, synth, bass and other instruments. 

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