Rates Effective January 1, 2022
(In Progress Projects Will Proceed at 2021 Rates)
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Single Song Project 

"In House" Production $625 Flat Rate

Perfect for Singer/Songwriters or song pitchers. 

"In House" Production includes:

Pre-Production Session:

Key, tempo, arrangement and direction.


Piano/Keyboards/Misc Keyboard Based Production

Acoustic & Electric Guitars (as needed)

Vocal Session and All Vocal Editing

Backup Vocals (as needed) and All Editing


Project Archive on USB Drive (Included)


$300 Upon Start/ $325 Upon Completion

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Hourly Rate $50

Hourly Rates are perfect for simple demos such as guitar/vocal or piano/vocal.

Also a good option for those who produce their own music tracks and wish to record vocals through a premium vocal mic & recording chain.

This rate would apply to all digital audio editing projects such as podcasts, audio forensics and radio/TV spots.

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Please inquire about cash discounted rates for large blocks of prepaid hours.