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 Rates Effective January 1, 2024
Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi

Single Song Project 

"In House" Production $650 Flat Rate

Perfect for Singer/Songwriters or song pitchers. 

"In House" Production includes:

Pre-Production Session:

Key, tempo, arrangement and direction.


Piano/Keyboards/Misc Keyboard Based Production

Acoustic & Electric Guitars (as needed)

Vocal Session and all Vocal Editing/Tuning

Backup Vocals and all Editing/Tuning

Final Mix

Project Archive on Google Drive For Download.


$300 Upon Start/ $350 Upon Completion


Additional hours that are above and beyond the

basic package above will be billed ala carte at current hourly rate.


1)A complete second vocal session by a different singer

2) An instrumental version 

3) Duet version requiring additional vocal sessions and mixes.

If you foresee those alternate versions being needed, please inform me of these in the pre-production session.

4) Songs longer than 6 Minutes would likely require additional hours. This will be discussed during pre-production.

Image by Sandra Tenschert

Hourly Rate $55

Hourly Rates are perfect for simple demos such as guitar/vocal or piano/vocal.

Also a good option for those who produce their own music tracks and wish to record vocals through a premium vocal mic & recording chain.

This rate would apply to all digital audio editing projects such as podcasts, audio forensics and radio/TV spots.

Credit Card Purchase

Click Link above 

Hit SEND - Enter invoice amount


@Steve-Parrish-2 (or by phone 602-508-9758)


Search by phone 602-508-9758

Please inquire about cash discounted rates for large blocks of prepaid hours.

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